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Energy Healing Session

Overcome deep-seated beliefs and learn how to release that which no longer serves you.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 250 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Each session is an intimate journey toward self-discovery, tailored to unveil your deepest potential while nurturing healing across emotional, physical, and spiritual realms. Guided with precision, these sessions pave the way for profound transformation. By setting a clear intention and embracing openness, you are embarking on a path filled with enlightening insights and opportunities for personal evolution. In each session, you're invited to confront the core of your being, to question the 'why' behind your actions, desires, and the very nature of the obstacles that obscure your path. This deep dive into your psyche and spirit is not just about identifying these barriers but understanding their origins and the ways they've shaped your journey. It's a process that demands courage and honesty, as you peel back the layers of your consciousness to reveal the hidden motives and unresolved conflicts that dictate your life's direction. By acknowledging and confronting these aspects of yourself, you set the stage for deep and lasting change. At the heart of these sessions is the essence of ThetaHealing®, a creator-led healing modality. Its strength lies in forging a connection with the Creator's wisdom, initiating shifts that realign your life with your soul's true purpose.

Contact Details

Sandy, OR, USA

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